Kermit is a frog who is evil and hates Pooh. Their hate begun in the episode "FIRED!", which aired on December 30, 2014. Their feud escalated during the episode "GONE!", as Pooh's best friend, Goofy, was brainwashed and kidnapped by Kermit. Kermit's first appearance was in the episode "Chocolate Frog."

Appearances Edit

Chocolate Frog - 12-13-2014

DJ POOH ft. The Frog Orchestra - Let's Go Tonight - 12-14-2014

FIRED! - 12-31-2014

DJ POOH ft. The Frog Orchestra - Dance Party - 01-05-2015

GONE! - 03-28-2015

Kermit's Revenge - 04-13-2015

Shorts - Frog Taxi - 04-30-2015

THE FLOPPETS SHOW - 06-04-2015

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